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Based out of Arizona, this is an online concert series to support struggling artists and to bring joy to audiences at home during COVID-19. Performed on Facebook LIVE! If you are interested in donating or sponsoring future performances you can contact me directly.



Venmo:  @SethATucker

Sponsor A Future Performance



The Goal:

Raise $50 for 15 Performers to be featured on future episodes of Garage Concert! You can either donate to the group or toward individuals.


TOP DONORS: -Lynn Timmons Edwards -Stephen Edwards -Joan Mercer - Stephen Hardy & Addison Crawford -Kristi Keller -Jacqueline Forero

GENERAL SPONSORS: -Jonice Bernard -Kelly Crews -Linda Yatso -Mary Ott -Joanna Brace -Total Sound Productions, LLC -Nathanael Coe -Jamie Parnell & Stephen Hohendorf -Joanna Brace -Melinda McClure -Laura Anne Kenney -Leah Klein -Carol Rosensteel

Sarah Ambrose

Kathlynn Rodin

Kaitlynn Kleinman Bluth

Brianna McClure

Noah Manumaleuga

Addison Bowman

Rachel Redleaf

Kade Bailey

Michael Schauble

Thomas Hastings

Erik Stefan Dunn Schneider

Kevin Fenderson

Brandi Bigley

Alicia Ferrin

Jennie Rhiner


Sponsored by Jonice Bernard, Stephen Hardy & Addison Crawford

Sponsored by Jonice Bernard & Melinda McClure

Sponsored by Jonice Bernard

Sponsored by Jonice Bernard & Mary Ott

Sponsored by Jonice Bernard & Nathanael Coe



Sponsored by Total Sound Productions, LLC




Sponsored by Nathanael Coe








Sponsored by Joanna Brace & Carol Rosensteel


Sponsored by Jamie Parnell & Stephen Hohendorf



Sponsored by Laura Anne Kenney


Future Performances Sponsored by Individual Donors

Seth Tucker headshot.png

Seth Tucker:

Seth acts as creator, writer, director, and performer for the Garage Concert Series. These are currently sponsored songs in the queue.


  • "I Stalk You A Little Bit" - Sponsored by Jacqueline Forero

  • "The Impossible Dream" - Susan Shoffner

  • "I Can't Handle This" - Sponsored by Jacqueline Forero & Lee Pomush

  • "Man Up" - Sponsored by Jacqueline Forero

  • "My Shot" - Sponsored by Bennett & Kym Smith

  • "If I Can't Love Her"- Sponsored by Drew Templeton

  • "Straight White Male" - Sponsored by Jacqueline Forero & Todd Hulet

  • "River"- Sponsored by Carol Rosensteel & Sara Hoglund

Duets with Seth:

Chanel Bragg


Sponsored by Lee Pomush & Lynn Timmons Edwards




Sponsored by Stephen Hardy & Addison Crawford

Past         Performances


(Click Button To Watch Past Episodes)

Songs: - I Am What I Am, -Bridge Over Troubled Water, -Unworthy Of Your Love, -All The Wasted Time, -So Big, So Small, -My Eyes Adored You, -Don't Stop Me Now

Sponsors: Kristi Keller, Teresa Becker, Jacqueline Forero, Lee Pomush, April Hundza Gutierrez, and Lynn Timmons Edwards 

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Trisha Ditsworth

image (3).png

Mary Ott

Songs: - Someone To Watch Over Me, -I Don't Care Much, -Baptize Me, -Born This Way, -Chu-Chi Face, -This Is The Moment

Sponsors: Suey P., Carol Rosensteel, Emily Emily Dawn Mohney, Jacqueline Forero, Bennett & Kym Smith, The UBU Project, Stephen Hardy & Addison Crawford, Lynn Timmons Edwards, Amanda Glenn, Keith Tucker Jean Guzman Tucker

image (5).jpeg

Marina Jarrette

image (1).png


image (4).png

Alyssa Chiarello


Songs: - Lilly's Eyes, -That's Life, -Hallelujah, -In The Mood For Love, -Low Medley, -Art Is Dead

Sponsors: Stehpen Hardy, Addison Crawford, Lee Pomush, Bennett & Kym Smith, Brad Rupp, Carol Resnsteel, Sara Clifford Hoglund, Jennifer Lynn Giralo, and Lynn Timmons Edwards 

image (4).jpeg

Hahnna Christianson

image (1).png

Jamie Parnell

image (2).jpeg

Nicholas Hambruch

Episode 4-

R-Rated Episode (Unavailable)

Songs: -Get Low, -Creep, -My Boyfriend's Gay, -Sensitive Song, -You And Me, - I've No More Fucks To Give, -Country Song (Pandering)

Sponsors: Linda Yatso,  Lynn Timmons Edwards, Jacqueline Forero, Jennifer Lynn Giralo, Carol Rosensteel, Brandon McGill, Tiffany Dressler, Lee Pomush, Kristi Keller, Sil& Susan Ontiveros & Jennifer Cafarella!

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Toby Yatso


Cassie Chilton

Thank you To All our sponsors

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  • Sue & Sil Ontiveros

  • Christy Welty

  • Kristi Keller

  • Jennifer Cafarella

  • Marylou Stephens

  • Stephen Hardy & Addison Crawford

  • Lynn Timmons Edwards

  • Stephen Edwards

  • Jacqueline Forero

  • UBU Project

  • Anonymous

  • Lee Pomush

  • Bennett & Kym Smith

  • Joan Mercer

  • April Hundza Gutierrez

  • Brandon McGill

  • Tiffany Martinez

  • Brad Rupp

  • Sara Hoglund

  • Amanda Glenn

  • Carol Rosensteel 

  • Emily Mohney

  • Suey P

  • Susan Shoffner

  • Drew Templeton

  • Linda Yatso

  • Jennifer Giralo

  • Todd Hulet

  • Susan Pansing

  • Rodney Gross

  • David Hawkins

  • Levi Straka

  • Jean & Keith Tucker

  • Terresa Becker

  • Tatiana Trujillo

  • Honey Be

  • Patrisha Leybovich

  • Jackie Brecker

  • Katie Rodin

  • Bora Kim

  • Dina Anderson

  • Tina Khalil

  • Bennett & Roger Wood

  • Trisha Ditsworth

  • Bob Downing

  • Susan Crookshanks

  • Tim Hochradel

  • Cami Anglemyer

  • Jonice Bernard


About Garage Concert Series:

What started out as a project for me to keep creating while raising a little money has turned into a chance for me to feature out of work artists and help make a little money for all of us. All past performances have been completely sponsored through a grassroots effort. With 4 Episodes under our belt, we've featured over a dozen artists and over twenty songs, with an additional dozen songs that are sponsored for future performances. The show has been a group effort thanks to all our sponsors, Brock Pro Entertainment, JALT Media, The UBU Project, The Davis Alliance, All Puppet Players, Shaun McNamara, and my roommate Marina Jarrette. And to Sime for all his support, editing and cinematography.

- Much Love, Seth Tucker

Songs and guest stars are sponsored through grassroots donations, and proceeds will be used to help support the participating artists in this difficult time. If you are interested in Donating or Sponsoring please reach out here:



Venmo:  @SethATucker

I also accept Facebook Pay and PayPal!

Check out future performances on Facebook LIVE!


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