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With a distinct, modern, quirky voice, Seth's writings use humor and situational farce to highlight LGBTQ characters and promote entertainment for positive social change. 



Our Kiki:
A Gay Farce

Gay themed comedic play 

Tucker Talks

Mock interview series with Broadway stars

Acting Up

Comedic web series following a fed up, Non-Eq actor

Musical librettos currently in development
Concert/Cabaret arrangements
Our Kiki: A Gay Farce

Follows two couples, one straight, one gay, on a night an immigration officer arrives to test the validity of a marriage. But, who is married to whom? Or is it whom is married to who? Anyway, things get crazy when a snowstorm forces the charade into the night. In a time before DOMA was repealed, relationships will be tested, drinks will be poured, and the kiki will commence.

"Our Kiki: A Gay Farce", marks Seth's first full length play published by Indie Theatre Now. After a successful run at the NY International Fringe Festival in 2013, "Our Kiki" was subsequently produced by Seth's alma mater, Arizona State University as part of their MainStage season.

Our Kiki
Featurette about Our Kiki: A Gay Farce
& the ASU Production

 "A genuinely stirring love story — not just the tender romance between Phil and Matt, but also the cutely catty friendship between Phil and Molly. When she defiantly declares her willingness to face prison time for the crime of marrying for someone else's love, it's as stirring a sermon as any singer in the choir could wish."

- Arizona Republic

NY International Fringe Festival Reviews

"It is fast, furious fun that packs plenty of laughs...I'm eager to see what Seth Tucker does next."

- Queernewyorkblog

"Great new gem that hopefully finds a bright future celebrating life, love, and lots of laughs."  

- Theatre Reviews Limited

"A delightful topical farce.  Our Kiki makes for a fun-filled and at times touching evening of theater."     


"A very touching love story."      

- Theatre Development Fund

"Full of laughs and fine performances...a delightful mid-summer romp."    

- Queernewyorkblog

"The new definition of Kiki should be 'a wonderful, wild ride on a raucous, rollicking rollercoaster of theatrical farce.' Sit in your seat and start the slow steady climb of exposition, all the while anticipating when the excitement will begin, and when you reach the pinnacle of the plot hold on as you plummet with lightning speed into the twists and turns of a hysterical madcap farce. No need to hold on tight because there is also enough intelligence and social comment to keep you neatly fastened to reality. It is fast, furious fun that packs plenty of laughs into the short ninety minutes with smart dialogue and hilarious physical humor."

- Theatre Review Limited

Tucker Talks


"Seth" hosts this ridiculous interview series where Broadway stars answer  unexpected questions. Think, "Between Two Ferns" meets "Seth Rudetsky's: Obsessed." It's awkward in the most hilarious & uncomfortable way. 

Guests (Click to Watch)
Trailers for Season 1
Acting Up (Web Series)

Written and directed by Seth, this 10 episode series follows a Non-Union actor, after a public meltdown, on his journey to break into Actors Equity. By any means necessary. This comedic satire was nominated for Best Series and Best Actor (Seth) by Indie Series Network. 

Acting Up

Seth has currently completeled first drafts of the librettos for two brand new musicals, "The Unusual Engagement of Chester Pringle" with Jonathan Pearson as well as, "You're It!" written with Bryn Durgin.

"THE UNUSUAL ENGAGEMENT OF CHESTER PRINGLE": The story follows a young man in NYC during the turn of the century. What was meant to be a nice get together at the lavish Pringle home turns into a farce of deception and mixed signals. Taking a page from the past, we've placed gay themes in the limelight of this heartfelt and laugh out loud musical. Music by Joeseph Trefler

"YOU'RE IT!": Inspired by Netflix's "Making A Murderer" this childeren's musical follows an elementary school class as they decide how to deal with the bad kid after he's accused of ruining the class mural. "You're It!" puts the focus on civic duty and unfair biases that are sometimes held when making a group decision. It's a comedy. A heavy topic told from a light hearted perspective. A mile a minute and full of laughs. Music by: Lauren Molina, Nick Cearley, Douglas Lyons, Ethan Pakchar, Collin Cable and Jen Goma.

In Development
Seth with the cast of th "You're It!" workshop at VYT
"You're It!" recieved a workshop and small presenation with the talented young actors of Valley Youth Theatre in Arizona. 

Seth's passion has been focused on producing fundraisers over the last few years. He truly loves creating cabarets and concerts from the ground up. Choosing music and stories Seth blends them together with witty story telling and prides himself on clever compilations and comedic segues. Here are a few projects he's built:

Adapted from the comedy and music of Bo Burnham, this laugh out loud, edgy song cycle features the funniest songs you've never heard.

Art Is Dead

Art Is               Dead

Music & Comedy

of Bo Burnham

Written as a benefit to raise funds for a workshop at Valley Youth Theatre. Hilariously meta, the concert asks: "Isn't a fundraiser self serving?"

Fools Who Dream

Seth arranged "Bad Words For A Good Cause" as a benefit for Live Through Love which gives scholarships to LGBTQ High School Seniors.

Bad Words For A Good Cause

Seth compiled "The Most Offensive Christmas Concert Ever!" to benefit Bway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. It is hilarious & VERY offensive.

The Most Offensive Christmas Concert Ever!
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Cabaret/ Libretto
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